Advanced Certified Pharmacy Technician

If you are a certified pharmacy technician with at least two years of experience, you are eligible to earn your CPhT-Adv.


Eligibility Requirements

Candidates must:
1. Be an active CPhT (through either NHA or PTCB)
2. Have the following specialty certificates/certifications:
      Option 1. Completion of any four assessment-based specialty certificates*, OR
      Option 2. Completion of any three assessment-based specialty certificates* + one of the following certifications (BCSCPT, BCNCPT or CSPT).
3. A minimum of 2 years of supervised pharmacy experience.

*BPTS will recognize PTCB Specialty Certificates, however candidates must have earned at least one specialty certificate from BPTS.

Exam Fee

Their is no separate exam for the CPhT-Adv credential – just an application process once candidates meet the eligibility requirements.

How to Apply

The application for the Advanced Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT-Adv) credential is available by clicking here.
There is no application fee.

Earning Your Certificate & Badge

After approval of your application, you will receive a digital badge and certificate through Credly. This will allow you to print a copy of your certificate and display your digital badge on your resume, your social accounts (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter) or even as part of your email signature.


The Advanced Certified Pharmacy Technician certification must be renewed every 2 years and requires 25 hours of ACPE-accredited continuing education.
The renewal fee is $29 every 2 years.