The Board of Pharmacy Technician Specialties (BPTS), the nation’s most affordable and accessible credentialing organization for pharmacy technicians is launching a Veterinary Pharmacy Certificate. This specialized credential will be the first of its kind to recognize pharmacy technicians involved in providing pharmaceutical care for animals.

“We are excited to provide pharmacy technicians with a unique opportunity to distinguish themselves and their specialized knowledge as it relates to veterinary prescriptions,” said BPTS Founder & CEO Mike Johnston. “Many pharmacy technicians play a critical role in providing veterinary pharmaceutical care and now they can be recognized for doing so.”

Candidates must be an active CPhT (through either NHA or PTCB) and either complete a BPTS-Recognized Training Program for Veterinary Pharmacy or have completed 1 year or 1,000 hours of supervised pharmacy experience related to veterinary prescriptions. BPTS has already approved the Veterinary Pharmacy Certificate Program for Pharmacy Technicians offered by PowerPak, an industry leader in continuing pharmacy education programs. More information about the course can be found at

“We are thrilled to join with BPTS in this endeavor to be a BPTS-Recognized Training Program for their Veterinary Pharmacy Certificate,” said Susanne Batesko, President at PowerPak. “By working together, we can foster continued learning and growth within the pharmacy technician community.”

The Veterinary Pharmacy Certificate marks the fifteenth credential to be offered by BPTS, amongst their extensive specialty assessment-based certificates, CPhT-Adv certification, and Board Certifications in Sterile Compounding and Non-Sterile Compounding. To learn more, visit

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